Workshop: Current and future applications of ML in Earth system science

Identify the most pressing challenges for AI/ML in Earth System science and prepare the ground for further collaboration in this workshop at DKRZ

Earth System science is an exciting domain that can really benefit from the uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methodologies to overcome limitations in computing and data analytics. Among other initiatives, such as the Helmholtz Digital Earth project, Helmholtz AI aims to tackle these challenges with a diverse set of approaches and stakeholders, opening up a rich area of future opportunities for collaboration. Are you up to the task?

As part of this collaborative effort, the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ), part of our local unit for Earth & Environment, is organizing a workshop (by invitation only) on Machine Learning in Earth system science next February in Hamburg. Take part!

The goals of the workshop are to assess the state of the art, identify gaps in knowledge or services, and build future community collaborations. The first day will introduce the scope and challenges through a series of short talks, while the second day will provide a forum for interactive discussion. All participants are invited to contribute to the poster session planned for day 1.

Check out the preliminary schedule of the workshop here

  • What? Workshop on current and future applications of Machine Learning Methods in Earth System Science
  • When? 3-4 February 2020

  • Where? German Climate Computing Center (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, DKRZ), Hamburg  - Local Helmholtz AI unit for earth & environment. Room 034

  • Who? Invitation only - This workshop will bring multiple key stakeholders together, exchange current experiences, and foster further community actions.