Hacking for Health: save the date for Helmholtz AI hackathon!

One mission: Accelerate the pace of innovation in health through AI and ML... in 3 days! Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?


In the face of increasingly complex health issues, here at Helmholtz AI Central unit - Munich we want to bring together motivated people with technology and healthcare backgrounds to solve real-world health challenges through cross-disciplinary collaboration. Together, let's find new ways to make the best ideas emerge and create a lasting impact.

How? A hackathon is a race to solve challenges against time by intense innovative teamwork. At Helmholtz AI, we help generate creative solutions to frontline problems. At our health hackathon we will tackle healthcare challenges from the research field health using a diverse and interdisciplinary approach involving innovative AI/ML methods. Are you up for the challenge?


  • What? Helmholtz AI hackathon for Grand Challenges on Health
  • When? mid February 2020
  • Where? Munich (final venue to be determined)
  • Who? PhD students from all Helmholtz centres with working knowledge in data analytics, scientific computation, machine learning, and/or data visualization.
  • How? Contact us for more information