Join the 'Helmholtz AI community' workspace: a virtual meeting place for all things AI

A dedicated networking space for Helmholtz researchers to share information and meet other AI/ML enthusiasts.

Originally created as a way of finding potential partners for the 2020 Helmholtz AI project call, and due to its success, the 'Helmholtz AI project' workspace now becomes 'Helmholtz AI community', a wider networking space for Helmholtz researchers to share information, updates and ideas on applied AI and ML, and meet other AI/ML enthusiasts within the growing Helmholtz AI network.

The 'Helmholtz AI community' workspace aims to connect researchers across the Helmholtz Association in a virtual setting that includes both public and one-to-one channels. It is also a great way to stay tuned to all Helmholtz AI related news besidessubscribing to our monthly newsletter. All Helmholtz researchers can join for free by registering with a valid Helmholtz e-mail address:


Stay curious, and have fun!