1st place to Helmholtz AI consultants at HYPERVIEW challenge

The four-month competition was part of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing in Bordeaux, and gathered over 150 participants.

EagleEyes, the team formed by Helmholtz AI consultants, won the 1st place last week at HYPERVIEW: Seeing Beyond the Visible, a competition organized by the European Space Agency, KP Labs, and QZ Solutions.

The main mission of the challenge was to exploit recent advances in Earth observation and artificial intelligence for improving the agricultural management practices toward the planet-friendly agriculture, and facilitating sustainability in the fertilization process by providing timely information about the soil parameters. A total of 159 teams participated in the competition, which lasted four months between February and June 2022. Finally, winners were announced at the 29th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-2022) held in Bordeaux, France, between 16-19 October 2022. 

The interdisciplinary team of consultants behind EagleEyes, formed by members from three different Helmholtz AI units, Rıdvan Salih Kuzu (DLR), Frauke Albrecht (DKRZ), Caroline Arnold  (DKRZ), Roshni Kamath  (FZJ)  and Kai Konen (DLR), assisted the ceremony in Bordeaux to gather the award. The innovative algorithm that they have developed together will be used for a real life space mission next year.

EagleEyes’ solution will be launched to Space in the first quarter of 2023 on-board Intuition-1, a 6U-class satellite mission designed by KP Labs, to observe the Earth using a hyperspectral instrument and an on-board computing unit capable of processing data using artificial intelligence in orbit. It will be the world’s first satellite capable of advanced processing of hyperspectral images in orbit.

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