Opening Symposium of the Helmholtz International Lab Causal Cell Dynamics

The kick-off meeting of this German-Canadian collaboration took place at Mila’s headquarters in Montreal last month. Learn everything about the launching of this new project!

Late 2021, Helmholtz Munich joined forces with Mila, the Quebec Institute of Artificial Intelligence to form the Helmholtz International Lab – Causal Cell Dynamics (CCD)

Merging Mila’s remarkable deep learning expertise and Helmholtz’s genomics-specific bioinformatics skills, this German-Canadian collaboration aims to model cellular dynamics from observations of single-cell genomics as well as the latent causes that govern these mechanisms.

On October 27, 2022, the first CCD Scientific Symposium took place at Mila’s headquarters in Montreal, with representatives of Helmholtz’s Head Office attending this initial event.

This joint, hybrid event took place with introductory speeches by Yoshua Bengio (Mila), Otmar Wiestler (Helmholtz Association) and Fabian Theis (Helmholtz Munich), followed by a thoughtful round table on Understanding Causal Regulatory Gene interactions: Hopes and 

Challenges. Later, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers  presented their work in associated thematic, while the afternoon gave the opportunity to brainstorm on strategies and ambitious questions to be addressed.

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