Planning the future of AI with its more direct successors

The Beyond Code Conference gathered young people, experts and decision-makers on AI with a joint goal: the creation of new demands that cover the future needs of the field on digital literacy and legislation

The Beyond Code Conference took place from November 17 to 18, 2022, in the Dresden Technical Collections, with strong support from Helmholtz AI and other relevant institutions in the field. Being the firstyouth conference on digital literacy, AI and digital responsibility, it counted with the participation of young people (aged 14 to 25), experts and decision-makers from politics and administration, education and science. The work and discussions were focused on two central topics:


  • Digital Literacy: What does modern digital education actually look like and what do we need for it in schools, but also outside of school? What do we need in teacher training? What do you need as a student? What competencies does society as a whole need in order to understand technological and social developments and to be able to help shape them? Why is digital literacy more than just learning applications and programming languages ​​that help me professionally?
  • Artificial intelligence: The influence of algorithms and artificial intelligence can already hardly be overestimated and is expected to expand further in the future. What can and should politicians do to regulate AI systems? The Artificial Intelligence Act, which deals with exactly this question, is currently being drafted in the European Parliament. The voices of young people have so far hardly been represented in this legislative process. We want to change that!


Helmholtz AI members were part of the conference e.g. as moderator. The conference worked as a meeting point to gather insights from young people and develop political demands around the topics of digital literacy and AI. The results from thisjoint effort between the younger generations and AI experts will be published and delivered to important stakeholders in politics and society. 


After the great success of Beyond Code, soon the conference materials will be published publicly (event documentation, recorded keynote, final presentation and developed requirements). Stay tuned to know more!


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