Helmholtz AI latest Jugend hackt workshop, bringing AI closer to the younger generations

Computing has become an essential part of several work fields in recent years. And yet, there are very few spaces where future generations can explore and share their ideas on AI. Jugend Hackt focuses its work on creating those spaces.

Jugend hacktis an educational program aimed at people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are interested in technology and programming. Under the motto "Improving the world with code", the participants work together with the help of volunteer mentors on prototypes, digital tools and concepts for their vision of a better society. Members of the Helmholtz AI local unit Matter at Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) have launched a total of three Youth Hackt AI labs in Dresden within the Jugend Hackt program, offering voluntary support to the initiative.

Their latest contribution happened last month, when these researchers conducted a Jugend Hackt workshop during the autumn school holidays from 25 to 26 October. The aim of the workshop was to build a robot using a micro bit (microcontroller) and a camera with AI functionalities. The results of all groups were video-recorded. All groups could successfully build up moving robots that either followed a line or could be controlled by cards with symbols and an assembly line that sorted red balls from blue balls. The workshop was a great success.

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