Helmholtz AI health consultant team visits Max Delbrück Center in Berlin

The event showcased AI customised solutions and advice for health research.


The roadshow of the Helmholtz AI consulting team for health stopped at the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) in Berlin on 22 February to offer customised AI solutions to all Helmholtz researchers. This service is free of charge and allows Helmholtz researchers to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in their projects to better understand and analyse their data. 

The event started with Marie Piraud, the Helmholtz AI consultant team leader, giving a talk on empowering Helmholtz researchers to work with artificial intelligence. Then, Helmholtz AI consultants Lisa Barros de Andrade e Sousa, Donatella Cea, and Florian Kofler presented different examples of AI applications in health research.

In the second part of the event, participants had the opportunity to attend individual AI consulting sessions to receive advice on their own projects.

The event was held on site and also online via zoom.