The roadshow of the Helmholtz AI consultant teams continue

The Helmholtz AI consultant team for Earth and Environment visited the Alfred-Wegener-Institute.


On February 28, Helmholtz AI consultants for Earth and Environment at DKRZ visited AWI Bremerhaven to showcase the platform's offer and give direct hands-on advice to AWI researchers, also in collaboration with the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarDATA).

The event started with an introductory seminar to summarise the consulting concept of Helmholtz AI and what they can offer to Helmholtz researchers. In addition, examples of real projects were presented to illustrate the methods and approaches commonly used to address different research challenges. Then, participants had the chance to join individual “walk-in consulting slots” to get customised advice from the consultant team regarding their own research. Projects discussed with AWI researchers directly on site covered topics such as:

  • Using ML for determining the chemical composition of sediment cores and understanding correlations with model-relevant variables.
  • Combined ML- and computer vision workflows for analysing 3D scans of ice cores, determining the limits of free air circulation.
  • Tuning of artificial neural networks for detecting waveform parameters in altimetry measurements.
  • Temporal interpolation of ocean model output using ANNs.

Concrete follow-up voucher work is planned, pending further discussions around available consulting capacity.