KI-CAMP 2023 celebrates its 3rd edition

At the KI-Camp, researchers from all disciplines meet in interactive debates, workshops, and lecture sessions and address future transdisciplinary issues from the fields of society, sustainability, health, art, and media.

The KI-Camp organized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Informatics Society (GI) brings together AI talents with renowned AI experts from around the world at the KI-Camp to discuss hot topics in AI research on April 26 on site at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park. 

Some parts of the program (keynotes, panel discussions, AI Newcomer Award) will be streamed live. You can download the program and watch the live stream here.


(Source: KI-Camp 2023 website)

What is the KI-Camp?

The KI-Camp is the first transdisciplinary research convention for scientists on the topic of artificial intelligence. The third edition of the BMBF and GI cooperation will take place digitally on March 24, 2023, and April 26 in Berlin - in the form of a digital community day and an on-site event in Berlin. The KI-Camp 2019 was initiated as part of the Science Year - Artificial Intelligence.

What distinguishes the KI-Camp from other conferences?

Unlike typical conferences, the participants of the KI-Camp are interactively involved in the program beyond Q&A. During the planning phase, they formulate thematic priorities and wishes that are incorporated into the program. Throughout the event, the participatory, interactive formats guarantee a direct exchange between the participants and experts from science, politics, and business. The participants are given the opportunity to critically articulate the challenges they are confronted with in their research activities or otherwise.

How does the KI-Camp proceed?

The KI-Camp is continuously designed in a collaborative way: Various formats such as the Writers' Room WissKomm and the AI Peer Mentoring offer participants the opportunity to network with each other, identify common thematic focuses, and thus establish sustainable networks beyond the KI-Camp. At the digital Community Day on March 24, 2023, the participants are encouraged to share their own research priorities and questions in the form of talks, workshops, and skill sharing sessions. Finally, at the on-site convention in Berlin, participants will meet top-class speakers to experience the latest cutting-edge AI research in workshops, sessions, and panels, mostly in small groups. The final program will be published a few weeks in advance, fixed speakers will be updated continuously. Information about the topic tracks can be found here.