The BraTS 2023 Inpainting Challenge has begun!

Ever wondered what the brain of a tumor patient looked like before they developed the disease? This question keeps doctors awake at night. Help them by joining the #BraTS2023 Inpainting Challenge!

A myriad of algorithms for automatic analysis of brain MR images is available to support clinicians in their decision-making and clinical care. For brain tumor patients, the image acquisition time series typically starts with a scan that is already pathological. This poses problems, as many algorithms are designed to analyze healthy brains and provide no guarantees for images featuring lesions. Examples include but are not limited to algorithms for brain anatomy parcellation, tissue segmentation, and brain extraction. To solve this dilemma, we introduce the BraTS 2023 inpainting challenge.

Your mission will be to develop innovative inpainting techniques to synthesize healthy brain scans from lesioned ones. Dive into the complexities of brain anatomy, tissue segmentation & more. Let’s tackle this real-world challenge together! Find out more details on our website, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

In this challenge you will have the possibility to:

  • Experiment with algorithmic solutions for synthesizing 3D healthy brain tissue
  • Work on an exciting dataset of more than 1000 brain MRI scans 
  • Contribute to the challenge manuscript 
  • Be part of the solution at MICCAI 2023 in Vancouver, Canada


1 May- Challenge launch
- Registration opens
mid-MayRelease of training data with ground truth labels
mid-June- Release of validation data (without labels)
- Validation phase opens
31 July- Validation phase ends (submission deadline of segmentation files)
- Submission deadline of short papers in CMT, reporting method and preliminary results.
1 AugustTesting phase opens
(available only to participants who submitted short papers)
7 AugustTesting phase ends (submission deadline of MLCubes)
11 - 25 AugustEvaluation of MLCubes on testing data
(performed by challenge organizers)
mid-SeptemberTop performing methods contacted for preparing oral presentation slides
mid-OctoberAnnouncement of the final top 3 ranked teams
30 NovemberCamera-ready submission of extended papers for inclusion in the associated workshop proceeding


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This challenge was organized with the participation of our consultant team for Health at Helmholtz Munich, including Florian Kofler, Christina Bukas, and Marie Piraud.