Providing AI expertise as an infrastructure in academia: Find out more about Helmholtz AI Consulting

Consultancy team leaders at Helmholtz AI have published an informative article on the setup, goals, and motivations for expanding AI expertise as an academic infrastructure, continuing to revolutionise the scientific landscape within the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

Artificial intelligence has been evolving at an unprecedented pace, outstripping the ability of many scientists to harness its potential in their research. To bridge this gap, our teams of AI consultants provide AI expertise as an infrastructure for domain scientists.

Helmholtz AI consulting offers a seamless process for researchers to access AI expertise. Researchers can apply for consulting through an online system, facilitating quality control and matching demand with the expertise and capacity of AI consultants. Approved requests result in a collaborative engagement lasting from two weeks to six months, involving one or more AI consultants at no cost to the researcher(s). The collaboration focuses on knowledge transfer, method selection, and initial implementation to help scientists integrate AI into their work.

After three years, there has been significant growth, with 35 full-time AI consultant positions filled, over 200 research teams from 18 institutions having submitted more than 300 consulting requests, and a high level of satisfaction among collaborators. Furthermore, the consulting teams have contributed to numerous papers and research grant proposals.

Helmholtz AI's pioneering approach to providing AI expertise as an infrastructure in academia serves as a prototype for the future. By addressing the challenges of integrating AI into scientific research, Helmholtz AI aims to drive scientific innovation within the Helmholtz Association, setting a precedent for similar initiatives in academia worldwide.

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Original work: Marie Piraud, Andrés Camero, Markus Götz, Stefan Kesselheim, Peter Steinbach, Tobias Weigel, "Providing AI expertise as an infrastructure in academia", Patterns
Volume 4, Issue 8, 2023