Earth and environment @ Hereon

Local unit for research field EARTH and ENVIRONMENT

The Helmholtz local unit at Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon GmbH (Hereon) provides innovation for Earth system modelling and analytics by leveraging AI methods. It is embedded within the Institute for Coastal Systems - Analysis and Modeling, which holds key expertise from all major directions of earth system modelling, including atmospheric modelling, ocean modelling and land surface and hydrological modelling and data assimilation techniques to combine earth system modelling with observational data. Researchers at the institute have developed a long-standing expertise in applying statistical and artificial intelligence methods to identify interferences and generalizable predictive pattern in comprehensive coastal data sets. The Helmholtz AI local unit @ Hereon will provide further innovation against this background. The Helmholtz AI consultants for Earth and environment are located as a team in the application support department of the German climate computing centre (DKRZ)

Unit lead

Corinna Schrum


Tobias Weigel

Outreach officer

Tobias Weigel​​​​​​​



Helmholtz AI @ Hereon