Funding lines


One essential component of our model is to initiate cross-cutting research collaborations and identify forward-looking research topics in applied ML and AI. That is why we will provide competitive funding to address mid and long-term questions in the form of annual calls for Helmholtz AI projects that underpin the growth and strength of our network within and beyond the Helmholtz Association.

The annual project calls are financed by the Initiative and Networking Fund (INF) and as of 2023 equate to a budget of approximately €500k+ for each project, of which up to €250k can be INF funding and the rest must be co-financed by the partnering Helmholtz Centres. All researchers within the Helmholtz Association are encouraged to apply in collaboration with at least one other Helmholtz centre.

Helmholtz AI aims to support high-risk, high gain projects that exploit innovative Machine Learning, Statistical Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches and solutions within the Helmholtz research fields. Our annual project calls foster interaction and method transfer between application domains, research fields and sectors. We hope that this opportunity helps you develop enriching partnerships and exciting new project ideas.

The Helmholtz AI Project Call for 2023 will be available from August 1, 2023. Get to know all previously selected Helmholtz AI projects here.

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