AI consulting

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Helmholtz AI is not only a platform for scientists doing their own research. With Helmholtz AI consulting, we empower all researchers from the Helmholtz Association to leverage AI methods and expertise for their datasets. The Helmholtz AI consultant teams can provide support with their deep expertise in AI methods, tools and software engineering for research projects. Working with our consultants comes at no cost, as collaborations are entirely scientific.

The Helmholtz AI voucher system serves as a flexible, dynamic and transparent way to set up collaborations with the Helmholtz AI consultants at all six Helmholtz AI units.


How does the Helmholtz AI voucher system work?


It all starts with an idea

Users, i.e., all researchers from a Helmholtz Center can apply for voucher projects to work with Helmholtz AI consultants on a specific AI problem. That might encompass selecting, testing and implementing machine learning methods,  transdisciplinary knowledge transfer and networking, enabling researchers through training and workshops, or support in creating and advertising high impact benchmark datasets.

We are open to any idea!


Submit a voucher proposal online

There are two voucher categories: 

Exploration voucher (up to two weeks)

You have data and an idea, but are unsure about methods, potential solutions and the effort required? An exploration voucher is right for you: you will work with an AI consultant for up to two weeks to discuss and develop a plan for realisation.

Realisation voucher (up to six months)

You already have a good idea about the methods and effort required - in short, you know what you want and what you need help with? A realisation voucher with a timeline of two weeks up to six months is right for you.

Of course, an AI consultant will always assess your idea, data and potential AI solutions at the start of any type of voucher.


It's review time

The reviewing process of your submitted voucher proposal might take up to three weeks. There are two review phases: 

First, your submission will be checked according to formal submission criteria.

Once validated, your voucher proposal will undergo a thorough review by the Helmholtz AI consultants. Usually, they will discuss the voucher proposal with you during this time.


Voucher accepted! Now what?

 Once your proposal is accepted, the collaboration  will start at the agreed timepoint. Depending on the voucher type, the collaboration will entail some weeks or several months of collaboration.

If your proposal is not accepted, do not despair! Re-submission of revised voucher proposals are most welcome and encouraged.



It does not need to end here

Once your voucher has reached its end, a final report will be issued. After that, you may:

• apply for a follow-up voucher that allows you to extend or complement the work done so far.

• scale-up your project and apply for funding on the next Helmholtz AI project call.

• apply for a brand new, exciting Helmholtz AI voucher on a different data set or project!



We are happy to help! Send us an e-mail at