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Scientists at Helmholz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf contribute vitally to maintain and improve the life of the world of tomorrow. Excellent research in matter, health and energy is carried out at multiple sites in Saxony, Scheesel (Hamburg) and Grenoble. The Helmholtz AI local unit for Matter is crucial part of the Computational Science Group (FWCC) as well as the Institute of Radiation Physics (FWK). A declared goal of the local unit is to empower scientists to apply machine learning methods to their scientific problem domains. This goal is achieved by fostering and stimulating collaborative interdisciplinary research projects; by leveraging similarities between data-driven solutions across domains; by integrating field specific excellence and AI/ML prowess; by improving the quality, scalability and timely availability of emerging methods and tools and by training the current and next generation of scientists in using AI methods and tools.

The local unit research machine learning methods that learn and simulate the dynamics of very complex physical systems, e.g. laser-particle interactions. They revolutionize the way experiments at large scale facilities, such as HZDR's Center for High-Power Radiation Sources – ELBE, are carried out by very fast and physics-informed data analysis. Trustworthy algorithms is another focus of their work which relates to uncertainty estimation. Interdisciplary research greatly benefits from sharing information and knowledge for what reason we establish a ML education culture at HZDR in terms of e.g. tutorials, hackathons and paper reading groups.

These goals are pursued beyond institute and center limits by regular funding opportunities and collaboration-as-a-service offerings as well as many more activites. At HZDR, a Helmholtz AI young investigator group led by Dr. Nico Hoffmann and a Helmholtz AI consultant team led by Dr. Peter Steinbach have been installed. Both build the Helmholtz AI local unit to support all Helmholtz scientists within research field matter.

Unit lead

Guido Juckeland


Peter Steinbach

Outreach officer

Nico Hoffmann



Helmholtz AI @ HZDR

Nico Hoffmann

Nico Hoffmann

Artificial Intelligence for the future photon science